Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sunday, August 29, 2010

another project :)

I finally had the time to finish another Thrift Treasure! Yay! :)


did almost the same alterations, but this time i learned a new technique in sewing the hems to have a cleaner finish. (level up! :p) also, i replaced the white buttons with new buttons which i bought for 8php each. (they were the last 3 pieces on stock, perfect! :p )

i found this chain in one of my kits for accessory making. it matched the vintage-y shade of the buttons, so i decided to sew them, using silver colored thread, along the openings of both pockets. :)

close up of the button
There you go.. 

Hmmm.. I need to find another interesting garment for my next project.. Too bad, i wasn't able to scout for one yesterday. 

Oh well..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thrift Treasures - striped nautical shorts

What's wonderful about practicing your sewing skills on some good thrift finds is that you don't have to worry about making mistakes..

I mean, c'mon, who in his/her right mind (well, given that he/she doesn't have any background on dressmaking) would have the guts to tear an expensive, branded garment apart, cut holes in it, or pin some charms and buttons without feeling any sense of remorse or guilt for doing so?

At least with cheap garments, I feel like i have the freedom to alter, cut, shred, pin and stitch all i want to make clothes which I'm sure no one else has. ;p

So here is one of my creations. :)
this was originally a pedal pusher short that i bought for 75 pesos along some side walk in Makati. I cut the length, added some adjustments on the sides to loosen it up a bit (since it originally had a skinny fit), folded back the edges to add up a white hem, and replaced the white buttons with antique looking charms. :)
hand sewn anchor to add that nautical vibe! thank goodness we have some gold-colored thread :)
adjustments on the sides
white buttons replaced with vintage charms --again, hand sewn by yours truly! ;p

 I know I have a lot more to learn and I need MORE practice with my sewing.

Ugh, okay, i know this is starting to sound like a good disclaimer, and it probably IS.. hehe. But hey, I'm a nurse by profession, not a modiste, so just cut me a bit of slack! haha :)


you'll never go wrong..

with a pair of classic white oxfords.heehee :)

yay! i finally got to purchase my own pair of white oxfords! :) i've been wanting to buy one for months now, but i've never seen one that fits my taste and 'qualifications'. ugh!

I did my hunt in almost every boutique and online store, but almost all of the oxfords i saw were too plain, if not too textured. Some were even made of material that's so thin, i could see the knuckles of my toes bulging from underneath when i tried to fit them.. so sad..

It was just last week, a couple of days before payday (yes, one of those 'must-budget-my-spare-coins' days), when me and my mom passed by this boutique in market market at the fort.

My mom immediately called my attention when she saw a pair of white/brown-combination oxfords displayed on one of the racks. When i saw it, I immediately entered the store and asked the saleslady if they had other colors of that design. She said yes, and pointed to the direction of the other displayed shoes.

And there it was, sitting pretty at the second to the top rack, waiting there, staring at me, as if saying, 
"Oh there you are, I've been waiting for you to find me!"
(haha! boo for all this drama!)

So to cut the story short, after I got my pay, I bought it.. and it's real damn perfect! :)

White oxfords from Bayo will look good with almost anything! aaaah! :)

 You know how it feels when you can't find that one thing you've been wanting so bad? You tend to find it in other things, only to realize that they can never compare to what you've really been searching for.. That was how i felt before. In my quest for finding the perfect pair, I strayed and bought quite a lot of other pairs, hoping that I'll get contented.

I buy them, and I become happy for a while. But then, there's still this craving that i needed to fill. So i buy another after a few days-- talk about wasting time, and money.
(sorta how a man feels like before he meets the perfect girl for him. haha!)

I told my mom that i wouldn't be wanting to buy shoes for quite some time because I finally got myself my dream shoes.. She didn't believe me. haha!

Well, I guess it's too early to say.. ;p


heart and soLe :)

Black Oxfords

Black Booties

Black Wedge- Thrifted

Bronze Flats

Caramel Buckled Flats

Ankle Wrap Thong Sandals

Trouser Shoes

Cole Vintage

Nike Dunk

Gray Gladiators

Nike :)

Juicy Red Ballet Flats

Buckled Boots

White Oxfords

White Ankle Cuff Flats

Gift from Hubbie :)

Suede Zara Boots
love love love shoes!! i just can't get enough :|


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Everyone knows that Snow White died because the witch gave her a poisoned apple. She wasn't forced to take a bite from it, but she did, and yet everyone blames the wicked witch for what happened.. that's why it's called a fairy tale, because in reality, we need to learn to NEVER blame others for the effects of our own actions, we have to grow up and be responsible for ourselves. After all, there are two things in all of us that aren't found in fairytale characters--- freedom of choice, and common sense."