Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thrift Treasures - striped nautical shorts

What's wonderful about practicing your sewing skills on some good thrift finds is that you don't have to worry about making mistakes..

I mean, c'mon, who in his/her right mind (well, given that he/she doesn't have any background on dressmaking) would have the guts to tear an expensive, branded garment apart, cut holes in it, or pin some charms and buttons without feeling any sense of remorse or guilt for doing so?

At least with cheap garments, I feel like i have the freedom to alter, cut, shred, pin and stitch all i want to make clothes which I'm sure no one else has. ;p

So here is one of my creations. :)
this was originally a pedal pusher short that i bought for 75 pesos along some side walk in Makati. I cut the length, added some adjustments on the sides to loosen it up a bit (since it originally had a skinny fit), folded back the edges to add up a white hem, and replaced the white buttons with antique looking charms. :)
hand sewn anchor to add that nautical vibe! thank goodness we have some gold-colored thread :)
adjustments on the sides
white buttons replaced with vintage charms --again, hand sewn by yours truly! ;p

 I know I have a lot more to learn and I need MORE practice with my sewing.

Ugh, okay, i know this is starting to sound like a good disclaimer, and it probably IS.. hehe. But hey, I'm a nurse by profession, not a modiste, so just cut me a bit of slack! haha :)



  1. great shorts. Love them.xx

  2. cute shorts! p/s, for following, i'm following back ;)