Sunday, August 29, 2010

another project :)

I finally had the time to finish another Thrift Treasure! Yay! :)


did almost the same alterations, but this time i learned a new technique in sewing the hems to have a cleaner finish. (level up! :p) also, i replaced the white buttons with new buttons which i bought for 8php each. (they were the last 3 pieces on stock, perfect! :p )

i found this chain in one of my kits for accessory making. it matched the vintage-y shade of the buttons, so i decided to sew them, using silver colored thread, along the openings of both pockets. :)

close up of the button
There you go.. 

Hmmm.. I need to find another interesting garment for my next project.. Too bad, i wasn't able to scout for one yesterday. 

Oh well..


  1. i nice DIY project you did with your shorts!Great ukay finds! I hope you will follow my blog too!:)

  2. thanks for appreciating! followed your blog. :)

  3. wowwww, talented:P well done! love it!