Friday, February 26, 2010

the dream journal

I have always been a dreamer, literally. When i was younger, I thought everyone had their share of vivid, bizarre, out of this world dreams, just like the ones i often had. But then, as i grew older, and got to talk to more people about my dreams, their reactions kind of implied that it was not AS common AS i thought. Some of my friends even say that they NEVER have dreams. tsk. quite sad i think.

At the age of 10, i bought this book about lucid dreaming. it talks about being able to create a dream and control it while you're having it. it sounded way cool for me. since i often dreamt of flying..or eating a land made of chocolate..or transforming into my favorite sailor soldier (hehe). i wanted to have that skill of living inside my dreams--of being able to do exactly what i wanted while i was in it, and not waking up just as i reached its peak. but then, it required a LOT of time and practice.. I remember, it kind of instructs a person to list down his/her dream every morning upon waking up, and concentrating really, really REALLY hard at night before falling asleep. I was too young and too lazy to do it. how about now? well, yes i'm no longer young, but im still lazy. haha.

so i just enjoyed the random dreams. most of which are filled with so much, and i mean soooooo much emotions that i wake up feeling angry, or excited, or devastated, and quite disoriented to reality, while some come as warnings.. which i never realize until I've been struck by what it was supposed to warn me about. (boo)

that's why im going to start writing down as many dreams as i can remember. for entertainment, for documentation, for records, for whatever. i just want to write them here. So today i decided to turn this blog into some form of "dream journal"-- my dream journal. :)


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